After Partitioning a Drive: WARNING - WRITE_DMA UDMA ICRCerror (retrying request)

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Aug 8 18:53:27 GMT 2005

Mark Kane wrote:
[ ... ]
> My drives are like this
> Master - 160GB
> Slave - 60GB
> Master: TDK VeloCD CD Burner
> Slave: Sony DRU500A DVD Burner
> I never put optical drives on the same channel as hard drives.
> I was going to give Maxtor a call on the 80GB when I thought the 60GB 
> was fine, but that was before I found the errors on the 60GB as well.
> Could something be bad on the board, or is this a FreeBSD problem, or 
> other hardware?

Without another known-working mainboard to test, you can't really be sure, but 
it's a hardware problem of some sort, perhaps due to poor cabling, perhaps a 
marginal or failing mainboard.

If you use BIOS or atacontrol to slow down to UDMA 33 speeds, does everything 
work OK?


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