My /var disk has crashed, how do I proceed?

Glenn Dawson glenn at
Sun Aug 7 08:53:24 GMT 2005

At 01:19 AM 8/7/2005, Joachim Dagerot wrote:

> >>My /var disk crashed this weekend. Now when I boot the system stops direct
> >>after the boot-loader starts processing. No errormessages no nothing.
> >You should be able to boot into single user mode.  From there you should be
> >able to do whatever you need in order to fix the problem.
> >If you can't boot to single user mode, then you've got more problems than
> >just your /var filesystem.
>Thanks for your help.
>My system seems to stop right after the text
>"Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf". The /var disk is physically injured 
>(strange quirks, the normal sound of a broken HD). I have disconnected it 
>and have also disconnected the RocketRAID454 card with all it's harddisks. 
>Remaining harddisk is the system disk which I think works as desired.

What you would normally see after the line you mentioned is something like 

/boot/kernel/kernel text=0x444168 data=0x7d5c8+0x4fc78 

while the kernel is loaded.  After that you'll get a prompt to hit enter to 
boot immediately, or any other key to get a prompt.

If you're not getting to point where the kernel is loading, then there's 
likely something wrong with your root file system.

Your best bet is probably to use another system to mount the disks from the 
one that is failing so you can try and determine exactly what the status of 
your file systems is.


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