My /var disk has crashed, how do I proceed?

Joachim Dagerot jd at
Sun Aug 7 08:19:36 GMT 2005

>>My /var disk crashed this weekend. Now when I boot the system stops direct 
>>after the boot-loader starts processing. No errormessages no nothing.

>You should be able to boot into single user mode.  From there you should be 
>able to do whatever you need in order to fix the problem.

>If you can't boot to single user mode, then you've got more problems than 
>just your /var filesystem.

Thanks for your help.

My system seems to stop right after the text 
"Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf". The /var disk is physically injured (strange quirks, the normal sound of a broken HD). I have disconnected it and have also disconnected the RocketRAID454 card with all it's harddisks. Remaining harddisk is the system disk which I think works as desired.

What is the first thing the loade is doing?

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