After Partitioning a Drive: WARNING - WRITE_DMA UDMA ICRCerror (retrying request)

Mark Kane mark at
Sat Aug 6 23:32:32 GMT 2005

Wesley Will wrote:
> It almost assuredly means that the drive electronics are failing.  The mag
> bubble is likely still intact but the controller isn't capable of keeping
> up with that data rate any longer.  It could (easily) be an overheating
> issue causing the degradation of performance.  These drives and every
> Maxtor I've ever had the bad luck to run across ran as hot as a
> firecracker.  It could also be a cable issue, but it isn't the most likely
> of causes.
> I'd not count on that drive under any circumstances for any data of
> importance.

I was thinking of drive failure earlier as well, so I started to run the 
PowerMax utility. The quick 90 second test came up "Passed". The 
advanced test just got done running, and it passed that as well.

This drive has been in a 5 1/4" hard drive cooler, and to the touch 
after operation it's not very warm at all compared to Maxtor drives that 
I run without coolers.

The thing I find odd is that when copying the data from the drive while 
it was NTFS last night, there were no errors. I'm not sure if this kind 
of problem would only happen with writing, but I didn't see it until I 
tried to copy the data back to the drive after formatting to UFS.

It seemed to be working fine when it was the machine was running Windows.

I didn't think it was the cable since the other drive on the same cable 
runs at 133 fine now. The only other thing I could think of hardware 
would be that the master is at the end of the cable (jumper set to 
master) and this drive (slave) is in the middle....but I wouldn't think 
that would cause this.

This is a brand new motherboard. Giga-Byte GA-K8NS Pro. FreeBSD 
5.4-RELEASE (amd64).

I was also doing some searching around and found a list post about 
FreeBSD 5 and DMA write problems:

I was hoping this wasn't it since I didn't want to wait for 6 to become 
stable, but if we're leaning more towards the drive, then maybe I can 
get a new one. I'd just like to know for sure before I buy another 
drive, since I just bought a new 160GB for the FreeBSD install drive.

I can try to pull the data off one of my other drives, maybe the 60GB, 
then format that and try to dump back....just to see if that one copies 
back OK with no DMA errors.


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