DNS caching: Squid, BIND or anything else?

Francisco francisco at natserv.net
Sat Aug 6 17:20:44 GMT 2005

On Fri, 5 Aug 2005, Ivailo Tanusheff wrote:

> Better use djbdns :)
> It's simple, fast and reliable.

Maybe I am dense, but I found it much simpler to setup Bind as caching DNS 
than to figure out how to setup djbdns.

Perhaps I looked at the wrong tutorials for djdbns, but there are tons of 
tutorials for Bind.

Also worth considering.. beyond caching..
there are services/companies that let you host free DNS.
For example http://zoneedit.com lets you have 5 free domain names.. and 
that's just one, there are others that do simmilar deals

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