DNS caching: Squid, BIND or anything else?

Shantanoo Mahajan shantanoo at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 20:53:47 GMT 2005

+++ B. Bonev [05-08-05 12:02 +0300]:
| > My question is what's the difference between Squid DNS caching and
| > and other programs that cache DNS requests?
| BIND is a DNS server. It will reply to DNS queries from others. Squid
| DNS won't reply to others DNS queries.
| I want just DNS caching. Is Squid is enough for that task?

I think you are misunderstanding something. Can you please tell us what
exactly you are trying to achieve? As per my understanding, if you are
looking for DNS caching, you can't use squid. You need DNS caching
server, which can be BIND (comes in base system).


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