Making the Leap to 5.4 and 64bit

Wil Hatfield freebsd at
Wed Aug 3 22:21:35 GMT 2005


So I can kick it down to 32bit. Great to know and I may have to do that
myself. I will probably give the build a whirl both ways and compare some
benchmarks. Maybe even all 3 ways as I have some R&D time.

Any settings I should know about to kick the install down to 32bit? I
suppose 4.11 is native 32bit or do I have to kick that down too on a 64bit


Wil Hatfield

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On Aug 3, 2005, at 3:22 PM, Wil Hatfield - HyperConX wrote:

> First, greetings to the group and nice to meet everyone's
> acquaintance.
> We are getting ready to make a big leap to Dual 64bit Xeon machines
> (SuperMicro) and FreeBSD 5.4. We would really have like to stick
> with 4.11
> but from what I am gathering it certainly doesn't support the 64bit
> processors.

Jut FYI.  You should be able to run 4.11 in i386 (32 bit mode) (or
5.4 in the same mode) if you want.   I run dual 64bit opterons
running i386 32bit version of 5.3...  If you don't need the 64bit
mode and there are 32bit things that you do require, you may want to
consider it for the time being.


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