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stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Thu Sep 30 17:55:35 PDT 2004

It was said (with broken MS formatting):

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>Im running 4.10 right now and even since 4.9 and lower i have had this
>Im running 1.4.6 right now... the latest as of last night form ports.
>Basicly what is happening is it downloads 1 email every 2 minutes and
>10 =
>seconds, just an FYI im running 3Mbit cable and if i download email
>from =
>the same server same account on any other computer its at most 2
>seconds =

>AMD k6-2 400 with 386MB of ram running xorg (latest and greatest) and
>fluxbox (ditto) Nothing terribly special in the background, its mainly
>just a NAT server but does nothing else with its proccessor time. For
>some reason it runs really slow in X, still have not figured out why
>but =
>thats for another email.


Do you have this same problem if you use a CLI program such as Mutt or
Pine? I'll bet not. And if not, then the X perfomance problem should be
resolved first.



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