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jammet jammet at
Thu Sep 30 17:38:11 PDT 2004

Im running 4.10 right now and even since 4.9 and lower i have had this problem.
Im running 1.4.6 right now... the latest as of last night form ports. (9/29/2004)

Basicly what is happening is it downloads 1 email every 2 minutes and 10 seconds, just an FYI im running 3Mbit cable and if i download email from the same server same account on any other computer its at most 2 seconds or so per email. I have tryed rebuilding it a few times, and playing around with differnt ports and such. 

Another problem im having is every once in a while i will be downloading emails and it will come to an email and just stop. It will not delete the ones it downloaded off the server and it will not download any more. It just halts and stops downloading then retrys in 30 minutes (what its set too) and repeats that over and over. It stores the emails that it downloaded so i generally come home or wake up to 200-300 of the same emails waiting around in their respective places. 

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix these problems? Its pretty common for the second one to happen, and it runs very very slow. 

Some computer specs are tho:

AMD k6-2 400 with 386MB of ram running xorg (latest and greatest) and fluxbox (ditto) Nothing terribly special in the background, its mainly just a NAT server but does nothing else with its proccessor time. For some reason it runs really slow in X, still have not figured out why but thats for another email.

Thanks for your time,

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