Is there a reverse Network Address Translation???

Jim Mozley jim.mozley at
Thu Sep 30 09:15:20 PDT 2004

stheg olloydson wrote:
> It was said:
>> I wan't to access my pc at work from home through
>>freebsd's sshd. Is it possible?, knowing that it
>>doesn't have a public ip address? That workstation of
>>mine is only gaining internet access through LAN
>>servers and routers. Will it help if I know the
>>gateway ip where my workstation passes through and the
>>proxy as well as dns server's ip's? I know its
>>possible but I can't imagine the process, perhaps
>>something like a reverse network address
>>translation... Any idea?
> Hello,
> Yes, this is possible. From home, you would ssh to your work's external
> IP address. You don't specify the setup you have at work, but at a
> minimum you need to have fowarding rules setup in the company's
> firewall to direct your ssh connection to your workstation. Obviously,
> if you can ssh in, so can anyone else. Be sure you use a _very_ good
> password.

Would using a public/private key not be better? Any password would still 
be guessable.

Jim Mozley

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