Is there a reverse Network Address Translation???

stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Thu Sep 30 08:45:29 PDT 2004

It was said:

>  I wan't to access my pc at work from home through
>freebsd's sshd. Is it possible?, knowing that it
>doesn't have a public ip address? That workstation of
>mine is only gaining internet access through LAN
>servers and routers. Will it help if I know the
>gateway ip where my workstation passes through and the
>proxy as well as dns server's ip's? I know its
>possible but I can't imagine the process, perhaps
>something like a reverse network address
>translation... Any idea?


Yes, this is possible. From home, you would ssh to your work's external
IP address. You don't specify the setup you have at work, but at a
minimum you need to have fowarding rules setup in the company's
firewall to direct your ssh connection to your workstation. Obviously,
if you can ssh in, so can anyone else. Be sure you use a _very_ good



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