How to begin ???

W. D. WD at
Wed Sep 29 15:50:05 PDT 2004

At 20:08 9/29/2004, Savchuk Taras, wrote:
>I understand nothing in FreeBSD source code, but want to sort out this problem. 
>The hard business is begining, so I want to begin. 
>Who can show me the right way?
>ps: I have some expirience in C/C++ programming, understanding i386 arch and I 
>am familiar with HANDBOOK, archbook, etc.
>ps: Sorry for my English.

Hi Taras,

I sympathize with you.  I found it a bit much when starting out too.

You might find that you can learn a lot by installing and using
FreeBSD.  I've got every book on FreeBSD, but still found
it a bit difficult to install.  I've put together my notes that
I use when installing.  I hope they can be of some help to you:

Here's the online handbook:

Start Here to Find It Fast!™ ->
$8.77 Domain Names ->

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