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The fact you only have to maintain one OS is one great advantage. One ports
tree, one system to patch for security updates. The learning curve to use
FreeBSD's pf is negligible imo. As long as kernel support is compiled in for
it, and you have the users in your /etc/passwd it just works. Least for me
as I have been using it since it was introduced as a kernel kld, and
sometime shortly after it became a native module to freebsd. Its imo easier
to maintain that say ipfw, as well as faster.

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    Why not just run OpenBSD if you want to use pf?  I use both Free and 
OpenBSD.  But, pf is much easier to set up on OpenBSD.  Just install 
OpenBSD, enable routing, enable pf in rc.conf and you are done.


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>            hello folks,
>    i want to install the packet filter for FreeBSD so i recompile the
> kernel with the options :
> device          bpf
> options         PFIL_HOOKS
> options         RANDOM_IP_ID
>     and installed pf from ports ( i did a cvsup before installing to
> get the latest ports). Now my dilemma is ... in pf start script ... i
> have to enter a prefix ... but what prefix, 'cause after installing and
> rebooting .... the modules that I want to load are still in source
> directory . I installed pf with
>   make  WITH_ALTQ=yes
>   make install
>          after a deinstall I can't install it anymore, the install
> crashes with the error that is allready installed !!
>               What can I do ??/
>                Cristi
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