How can I route through a pc that is also using a router??

Andrew infofarmer at
Mon Sep 27 23:51:53 PDT 2004


Describe the test-machine, please. If both workstations are on the same
subnet, you should probably configure the test-machine as an
ip-forwarder or even as an ethernet-level bridge. If your personal
workstation is on a different subnet, which is not serviced by proxy or
dns, you should configure NAT on the test-machine.

In general, there's little problem in cascading gateway installations.

Andrew P.

> Good day!
>    I have two workstations at work, 1 my personal, and
> the other, a test machine.
> My boss told me to configure a pcrouter, that is, the
> testmachine and let my personal pc connect through the
> internet through the testmachine:
> Here's the scenario:
> The testmachine already knows how to connect through
> the outside world but, also through a gateway....
> And to let my pc connect to the internet through the
> testmachine, I've set its default gateway to the ip of
> the test machine.
> But it doesn't seem to work. When I tried to lauch my
> browser, the error indicates that it cannot seem to
> find its way to the proxy server.
> I've tried adding another line in my routing table
> like this:
> Destination              Gateway
> proxy(   testmachine(
> But it still won't work.
> Do you know what i've been missing here? I'm thinking
> perhaps the test machine should connect to the
> internet directly without using a gateway anymore..
> Any idea?

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