How can I route through a pc that is also using a router??

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Mon Sep 27 20:49:11 PDT 2004

Good day!
   I have two workstations at work, 1 my personal, and
the other, a test machine.

My boss told me to configure a pcrouter, that is, the
testmachine and let my personal pc connect through the
internet through the testmachine:

Here's the scenario:

The testmachine already knows how to connect through
the outside world but, also through a gateway....


And to let my pc connect to the internet through the
testmachine, I've set its default gateway to the ip of
the test machine.

But it doesn't seem to work. When I tried to lauch my
browser, the error indicates that it cannot seem to
find its way to the proxy server.

I've tried adding another line in my routing table
like this:

Destination              Gateway
proxy(   testmachine(

But it still won't work.

Do you know what i've been missing here? I'm thinking
perhaps the test machine should connect to the
internet directly without using a gateway anymore..

Any idea?

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