Help me please: I'm confused about remote log-in.

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Fri Sep 24 23:25:12 PDT 2004

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:

>Good day!!!
>    My home pc is obtaining an internet connection
>through a dial-up modem. And as for this, I'm using
>ppp. On my analysis, the ppp program residing in my pc
>is connecting to some sort of an authenticating
>server, am i right? Aside from the PPP, I've read the
>portion in freebsd handbook regarding dial-in/out
>services but I couldn't figure out how the process
>works. Now, what i really wanted to do is to allow my
>friend to log-in remotely to my pc and run some
>applications like vi, mpg123 etc or even use my pc the
>way I'm using it (just experimenting and of course I
>would definitely want to do that too).  
>These are the questions that are constantly floating
>in my mind:
>1. If I have a modem connected to a phone line, is it
>possible to let my friend dial from his pc my
>telephone number and then let FreeBSD answer the call,
>and authenticate him by some sort of a login prompt?

That would be pretty much what a lot of ISP's do, wouldn't
it?  IIRC, there's a section of the PPP chapter in the FBSD
Handbook that mentions, perhaps explains well, this item.
I've not yet tried it, YMMV.

>2. What process would this be? Will I use some sort of
>ppp server and then he uses his ppp to dial my
>telephone number?

I guess so, see above.

>3. And If ever he will be connected to me
>successfully, is it possible for me to still dial to
>my isp knowing the fact that he is using my modem to
>connect to my pc?

Not unless you have two modems.  And two phone

>4. And how about ssh? Knowing that we are not in LAN,
>if we both connect to the internet, is it possible for
>me to login to his pc and vice versa, using ssh by
>specifying his ipaddress? How will the process be?
>WIll he be using some sort of ssh daemon listening to
>my request?
Yes, should be, if ports are not blocked and if sshd
is enabled in /etc/rc.conf on his machine.

>You need not specify the specific details and
>configuration files, just the hints about the
>I've asked these questions because this would be very
>helpful to me now that I've got my first job working
>in an actual IT environment.
>And that would be all.
>Thank you very much for the time.

Welcome, hope it helps.  Not much of answer,


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