Help me please: I'm confused about remote log-in.

Mark Jayson Alvarez jay2xra at
Fri Sep 24 21:45:33 PDT 2004

Good day!!!
    My home pc is obtaining an internet connection
through a dial-up modem. And as for this, I'm using
ppp. On my analysis, the ppp program residing in my pc
is connecting to some sort of an authenticating
server, am i right? Aside from the PPP, I've read the
portion in freebsd handbook regarding dial-in/out
services but I couldn't figure out how the process
works. Now, what i really wanted to do is to allow my
friend to log-in remotely to my pc and run some
applications like vi, mpg123 etc or even use my pc the
way I'm using it (just experimenting and of course I
would definitely want to do that too).  

These are the questions that are constantly floating
in my mind:

1. If I have a modem connected to a phone line, is it
possible to let my friend dial from his pc my
telephone number and then let FreeBSD answer the call,
and authenticate him by some sort of a login prompt?

2. What process would this be? Will I use some sort of
ppp server and then he uses his ppp to dial my
telephone number?

3. And If ever he will be connected to me
successfully, is it possible for me to still dial to
my isp knowing the fact that he is using my modem to
connect to my pc?

4. And how about ssh? Knowing that we are not in LAN,
if we both connect to the internet, is it possible for
me to login to his pc and vice versa, using ssh by
specifying his ipaddress? How will the process be?
WIll he be using some sort of ssh daemon listening to
my request?
You need not specify the specific details and
configuration files, just the hints about the

I've asked these questions because this would be very
helpful to me now that I've got my first job working
in an actual IT environment.

And that would be all.
Thank you very much for the time.

Network Operations Team
<matato at>

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