Dangerously dedicated vs. fully dedicated, etc.

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Fri Sep 24 09:43:35 PDT 2004

In <200301150007.aa39192 at salmon.maths.tcd.ie>, Ian Dowse <iedowse at maths.tcd.ie> typed:
> As to the issue of BIOSes disliking DD modes, there have been a few
> different reasons suggested.

I had a dual xeon BIOS that had "anti-virus" code. If the boot block
didn't have the write MBR on it, it rewrote the first 63 sectors,
clobbering my DD (type B) disklabel. It could be turned off in the
BIOS, but caused me (not the kernel) to panic the first time it

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