Dangerously dedicated vs. fully dedicated, etc.

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Fri Sep 24 09:41:43 PDT 2004

In <200301141936.aa93359 at salmon.maths.tcd.ie>, Ian Dowse <iedowse at maths.tcd.ie> typed:
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> >Mike, I'll pay back your effort in replying to this long thing by
> >working up a patch for the "disklabel" manpage (at least) and, if you
> >want, I'll CC you so you can veto things you don't like.  I do worry
> (B) Dedicated format created by sysinstall
>   <start of slice 1>
>   <start of 'a' partition>
>   sector 0:                     boot1 and the DOS slice table, where
> 				the slice table contains one slice
> 				(slice 1) covering the entire disk,
> 				including sector 0.
>   sector 1:			disklabel
>   sector 2-15:			boot2
>   sectors 16-31:		'a' partition filesystem superblock
>  In this case, there is no boot0, and boot1 serves as the boot
>  loader that is invoked by the BIOS. Here, all of the boot code
>  is contained within the first slice and also within the first
>  partition. Again, the 8k reserved at the start of every ffs
>  filesystem protects the boot code. Sysinstall sets up fstab to
>  refer to the partitions as e.g. /dev/ad0s1a (I think).

This can also be referred to as /dev/ad0a, like your C case. I
personally prefer that because it lets you know that the disk is DD.

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