Ssh connection

Pota Kalima hpota at
Thu Sep 23 10:55:35 PDT 2004

On 23/9/04 4:55 pm, "Kevin Stevens" <freebsd at> wrote:

> On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Pota Kalima wrote:
>> I think I have narrowed the fault down to ssh from mac os x because I
>> could connect from ssh client on windoz. On mac os x I get same message
>> [ssh: connect to host port 22: Permission denied] when the
>> freebsd box is switched on or OFF!!
>> I guess I will have to try mac lists for a solution.
>> pota
> I use OS X (I'm actually on a OS X ssh connection at the moment), not
> currently to a FreeBSD machine, but when I did I had no specific SSH
> interoperability problems.  OS X uses OpenSSH in fairly standard
> configuration, I believe.
> If you want to post to a Mac list, I suggest taking a look at the X-Unix
> list at:
> I suspect you have host name issues, for what it's worth.
> KeS
> _______________________________________________

Final update.
Someone's pointed out that it might have been related to the fact that my
mac had (norton's ) firewall which was stopping outbound connections.
Managed to configure this and ssh connection from mac to FreeBSD box works


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