MBR problem.

Eric Boucher eric_boucher60 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 19:12:19 PDT 2004


I have this problem. I was using FreeBSD 5.1 along
with Windows XP for a while. I had to re-install
Windows for some reasons. Before the re-installation,
I was using the dual boot system from FreeBSD (the one
with which you have to choose with the "F" keys the OS
you want to boot). But when I re-installed Windows,
the MBR seems to be reseted so that now, I can only
boot Windows (even if my FreeBSD is still on my
machine, because I re-installed Windows on the same
partition it was). Is there a way, with the FreeBSD CD
or something, to re-initialise the MBR so that I can
see both FreeBSD and Windows (or to be like when you
install a fresh copy of FreeBSD after installing it
after Windows )?



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