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On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 04:23:11PM -0700, digish reshamwala wrote:

> How can I install phpMyAdmin without using ports in FreeBSD 5.2.1??

Speaking as the port maintainer: what's the problem with the port?  As
far as I can tell from looking back at postings you've made in this
list, you've actually got a problem with the security/php4-openssl
port.  Unfortunately you need to have php4-openssl installed as a
dependency of phpMyAdmin[1].

The error mesage you're getting about:

    'Dependency warning: used OpenSSL version contains known
     vulnerabilities. Please update or define either WITH_OPENSSL_BASE

is the ports system trying to stop you shooting yourself in the foot
by installing software that uses a version of OpenSSL with known
security vulnerabilities.  Details are given here, as well as
instructions on how to fix that specific problem:

Note however that there are other fixes available for other
vulnerabilities in 5.2.1-RELEASE: the latest is 5.2.1-RELEASE-p10.
Recommended solution would be to cvsup(1) the latest sources from the
RELENG_5_2 branch and do a complete buildworld cycle as described in
the Handbook.  However, as a complete beginner, you might find that
using the binary patches supplied via FreeBSD Update suits you better:

After that, the phpMyAdmin port should install smoothly.



[1] Well, you do at the moment.  There's a maintainer update waiting
to go in once the ports freeze for 5.3-RELEASE is lifted, which will
make most of those dependencies optional.  See

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