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KUKKO el_kukko at
Tue Sep 21 21:27:01 PDT 2004

I hate to bother you cause I know that you are probably busy with many 
other more complicated issues.  But I have run into this problem. After 
installing many of the ports successfully (without errors) I can't seem 
to be able to get them to start in gnome kde etc.  except for  a few 
like like abiword.   How can I learn how to start these apps or any app 
once installed? In other words how can I learn the app executing 
commands for  ports etc.   I know some of these like mozilla, 
linux-mozilla  are easy but some like  ymessenger,  amsn, jabber-msn,  
etc I am not able to start. I receive no messages/errors during 
installation so I assume that everything went well.  I have looked in 
the README.html files but they provide little or no info on how to 
install or execute etc.

FYI these apps do not show up in KDE or GNOME apps menue.  I normally 
use the terminal to run or run menue in kde or gnome ( by typing 
abiword or mozilla, netscape7)

Will appreciate any response.


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