SCSI Shock Advice !

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Mon Sep 20 15:12:05 PDT 2004

> Hi All,
> Need some quick advice on the following.
> I recently added an Adaptec 29160N 
> card and an IBM SCSI disc to my server
> box which previously had just an IDE
> disc.
> I cloned the disc using G4U
> and set SCSI as the first boot device
> in the BIOS (disabled 2nd,3rd,4th choices)
> So, now I can boot the kernel however
> mounts are still referencing the IDE disc
> so the system is still using the file system
> on that.
> I need to use the file system on the SCSI
> disc.
> Is this just a case of changing FSTAB ?
> Or, are there more edits to make ?

I don't know about the rest of your possible problem - eg bouncing
it on the bench, but you have to correctly reference the devices
for the disk.   IDE drivea are ad..... and SCSI drives are da.....
eg the first IDE disk, first slice and partition a would be /dev/ad0s1a
and the first SCSI, first slice, partition a would be /dev/da0s1a

Make a mount point and then you can hand mount it or 
make an entry in /etc/fstab for it and do mount -a .

If you are FreeBSD or earlier you may need to to 
a MAKEDEV in the /dev/directory for the device 
    cd /dev
    ./MAKEDEV da0    or da4 or whatever number it is.
but, if you only have one SCSI disk, that much should already be there.  
If you are running, then the dev should be created automagically.

If you get it right and the disk is working correctly, then
that should be all you need - nothing else to edit.  
(Odd grinding noises are not normal for SCSI disks)


> Also, I have to fess up . . . .
> When I was about to install the new drive
> which was sitting on top of the system 
> box I tilted the box to move the disc
> access LED lead onto the SCSI card.
> My nice new SCSI disc slid off and
> hit the MDF worktop - Agh !
> I reckon the drop height was about
> 14" ~ do you think this would have
> exceed the G Force limit and invalidated
> my warranty / casued any damage ?
> The reason for asking is that I never really
> got up close and personal with a SCSI disc
> before and it does make some odd noises?
> Currently there is a frequent one every so
> often - its two freequencies that last
> about a second or two each.
> I have heard many an IDE controller go
> ticky and its nothing like that - sounds
> more like some kind of self test or something
> although its fairly frequent.
> Also, G4U didnt finish nicely as the SCSI
> is 36GB and the IDE a 40GB - however the
> system boots ok - guess I havent even
> used the FS on it yet though . . .
> Are there any tests I can do like a surface
> scan etc ?
> Any comments appreciated !
> Graham
> Custom PC North West
> Open Source Solutions
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