SCSI Shock Advice !

Graham Bentley gbentley at
Mon Sep 20 14:36:26 PDT 2004

Hi All,

Need some quick advice on the following.

I recently added an Adaptec 29160N 
card and an IBM SCSI disc to my server
box which previously had just an IDE

I cloned the disc using G4U

and set SCSI as the first boot device
in the BIOS (disabled 2nd,3rd,4th choices)

So, now I can boot the kernel however
mounts are still referencing the IDE disc
so the system is still using the file system
on that.

I need to use the file system on the SCSI

Is this just a case of changing FSTAB ?
Or, are there more edits to make ?

Also, I have to fess up . . . .

When I was about to install the new drive
which was sitting on top of the system 
box I tilted the box to move the disc
access LED lead onto the SCSI card.
My nice new SCSI disc slid off and
hit the MDF worktop - Agh !

I reckon the drop height was about
14" ~ do you think this would have
exceed the G Force limit and invalidated
my warranty / casued any damage ?

The reason for asking is that I never really
got up close and personal with a SCSI disc
before and it does make some odd noises?

Currently there is a frequent one every so
often - its two freequencies that last
about a second or two each.

I have heard many an IDE controller go
ticky and its nothing like that - sounds
more like some kind of self test or something
although its fairly frequent.

Also, G4U didnt finish nicely as the SCSI
is 36GB and the IDE a 40GB - however the
system boots ok - guess I havent even
used the FS on it yet though . . .

Are there any tests I can do like a surface
scan etc ?

Any comments appreciated !


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