Undelete featured filesystem forfreebsd? WAS: Undelete on untouched partition

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Mon Sep 20 07:18:01 PDT 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 15:00:07 +0200
Joachim Dagerot <freebsd at dagerot.nu> wrote:

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>  | On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 08:23:08AM +0200, Joachim Dagerot wrote:
>  | > I have a disk with one single slice and one partition: ad1s1d. I
> used
>  | > move to move ALL data on this disk to another location and after
> that
>  | > has the disk been unused. Is there a way to get the content back
> using
>  | > a copy of a FAT or similar?
>  | 
>  | Recovering erased data from a UFS requires guru skills.
> What a pitty, well nothing to do then I guess. Thanks for your answer.
> Is anyone aware of an approach to get some kind of soft deletion
> functionality on freeBSD. I mean, it's not extremely unique to be able
> to get files back after a deletion, even windows has features for this
> since long time.

the easiest thing to do would be to prepare for the 'next time'.

1) create a 'garbage' directory wherever you believe it would make the most

2) create an alias within your .cshrc (or bash, or zsh, etc) which, when
'rm' is invoked, uses 'mv' to move the file to your 'garbage' dir.  to
my knowledge, this is pretty much the same approach used by windows,
gnome, and kde.

this link should get you started:

hope this helps.


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