Please explain.

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>  processor affinity design issue..  i.e.. processes stay on the cpu
> they are
> spawned on..which is a big problem for mysql which explains why it
> performs
> better on other systems.
> Furthermore, the SMP issue is a common problem among many FreeBSD
> developers
> whom have told me the same, there is alot of this information all
> over the
> internet. FreeBSD is unable to perform good on multiple CPUs, the
> fixes are
> just work arounds.
> Unless if the freebsd community has just started to fix the
> multithreading
> issue, it's a huge problem. Darwin does not have this problem
> whatsoever.
> Why do I care? This is a silly question. I have 2 windows PCs here, I
> have 9
> other workstations that all run unix. I am a server manager and I do
> consulting work for freebsd/linux. Windows came free so why not? I
> don't do
> business on it.
> I've been a really huge FreeBSD supporter.. but I am really concerned
> about
> this issue which has been an issue for so long.
> thanks,
> tim h.
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>>>Subject: Please explain.
>>>2 Major Issues:
>>>- FreeBSD has a processor affinity design issue
>>>- The core kernel issues with FreeBSD is the horrible threading
>>>support.There is so much crap in FreeBSD kernel. The
> multithreading
>>>issue in
>>>freebsd has been delayed for nearly 6 years. They have just made
> work
>>>arounds, not fixing the actual problem. It seems that the only
> real BSD that
>>>has made big progress on the core issues is DragonflyBSD.
>>>It appears that FreeBSD have a clear Multi-threading lock-in issue
>> that
>>>needs to be fixed. Not work arounds. According to many freebsd
>>>nobody simply wants to fix this, is it true that the current smp
> work
>>>just 'work-arounds' not real fixing?
>>>The only thing holding FreeBSD back is the Multithreading issue.
>>>Please clarify this.
>> Hello,
>> Please clarify your post. You make many claims without any offering
>> any examples.
>> You claim, "FreeBSD has a processor affinity design issue". What
>> exactly is the issue? Give an example, please.
>> You claim, "There is so much crap in FreeBSD kernel. The
>>multithreading issue in freebsd has been delayed for nearly 6 years.
>> They have just made work arounds, not fixing the actual problem." To
>> what "crap in the FreeBSD kernel" are you referring? Please post an
>> example of the "horrible threading support" and how it should be
>>done. How did you arrive at the time span of "6 years"? Who is this
>>"They" that has "just made 'work-arounds' not real fixing?" Who are
>>these "many  >>freebsd developers" to whom you refer? Finally, you
>>claim, "The only >> thing holding FreeBSD back is the Multithreading
>>issue." Holding it >> back from what?
>> Please explain the basis for your assertions so that the community
>> may better answer them.
>> Regards,
>> Stheg
>> BTW: Considering you're running a Windows-based OS, not a BSD-based
>> one, why do you even care?


Because you failed to offer any proof of your assertions other than
repeating them, albeit with the addition of the vague statement that
"there is alot [sic] of this information all over the internet [sic]"
(which, if were true, begs the questions why are you asking here then),
I cannot put any stock in your claims.
My apologies to the community for rising to the troll.

Yours truly,


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