Trouble installing 4.10 on laptop - "cannot find kernel"

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Sep 16 16:35:32 PDT 2004

Adam Beachell wrote:
> I am atempting to install 4.10 on my laptop. After booting from the
> install CD I get a message stating "cannot find kernel". I get this
> error whether I use the miniinstall or the full 2 disc CD install.
> Browsing the CDs I can see that the kernel does exist on the disk.
> I have read many of the installation documents however am at a
> dead-end. Has anyone seen this before? And what might be the problem?

You didn't mention what type of laptop you have, which is fairly crucial 
information-- others with similar hardware might say something useful.

You ought to carefully review your BIOS settings and ATA config (ie, try using 
PIO mode rather than UMDA); some laptops don't follow the specs very closely, 
and FreeBSD can be picky if ATA devices aren't set up properly.


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