make kernel / make installworld failed - Signal 4

Owen.G owen.g at
Thu Sep 16 04:22:08 PDT 2004

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> Hello all,
> My PC is (or rather until Sunday, WAS) running 5.2.1#9.  I edited the 
> kernel to reflect my installed hardware and add support for the PF 
> firewall and then did a CVSup for sources - keeping to 5.2.1.  This 
> isn't the first kernel edit and upgrade I've done but as far as I recall 
> the only changes I made were the "pfi_hooks" (or something similar - for 
> the PF firewall) and to disable the ata keyboard - I can use USB to a 
> KVM switch.
> Here's what happened . . .
> # make buildworld - finished OK
> # make kernel KERNCONF=EDEN - finished OK
> * PC rebooted OK
> # make installworld - failed with errors part way through.
> * PC failed to reboot.  It gets part way through and then reboots.
> .. . .
> So, at the boot loader prompt:
> OK unload
> OK load /boot/
> OK boot -s
> .. . .
> #mount -a
> illegal instruction. Signal 4
> #
> Unloading the kernel and booting into single user mode seems to be OK 
> and the PATH is correct.
> No command except "cd" or "pwd" works, everything fails with "illegal 
> instruction Signal 4"
> e.g. "ls" or "df" or "mount -a" all fail with "illegal instruction Signal 4"
> Any ideas please.
> Thanks in anticipation,
> Owen
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JohnsoBS at wrote:

Sounds like you complete enough of the make installworld to prove fatal.
When you backup and use your old kernel its got binaries of a new and old
make world. Sadly, only way I ever found to get around that was a full fresh
reinstall. If you have another machine you could possibly complete the
entire build process on it, boot up with the new kernel, and then run a
make installworld from the /usr/obj of the other machine. Just make sure to
specify the proper runtime compile options as the install will fail if you
compile for a specific arch that doesn't match.


I'll leave the PC until 5.Stable comes out then.  I hadn't got past the 
stage of failing to get kde 3.3 to work under xorg in any case!

I don't know what went wrong in the build/upgrade process so I'd be 
suprised if it was something in the sources because I upgraded to 
5.2.1#2 and then #9 both with custom kernels before making the most 
recent edits (and it all going wrong).


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