cd stuck in cd drive after failed burn

Richard Lynch ceo at
Wed Sep 15 14:52:25 PDT 2004

Anthony Philipp wrote:
> Well I did insert the paper clip into the drive,

Sometimes, you have to bend that clip a bit, in order to hit the trigger.

You'll also often meet considerable resistance -- It's a manual over-ride,
and you gotta push way harder than you might think...

About as hard as that eject button on a floppy drive, and you're doing
this with a paper clip, mind you.

> and it did not respond. I
> have not had time to try and reproduce it, but I have burned cds with this
> media at 32x before with no problems. In fact I've done this many times,
> but this is the first time I've had the problem with the cd getting stuck
> in the drive. Also I have not changed the OS since. I dont really have
> access to other media since I bought 100 of these, but they've worked
> before so I have no reason to suspect the media. I'll try to reproduce it
> tonight.

I burn through about 300 CDs every month or so.

It's a live music venue with music EVERY night, and we archive every show
(except Open Mic) to CDR (2 copies) plus give a free copy to the artist,
and then maybe sell a couple CDRs to the audience on the spot.

A visual inspection before you try to use a CDR is always good.

Hold it up to a strong light and check for holes in the media.

Every few hundred, I'll spot one with a pin-hole (or worse) and just toss it.

At $0.15 a pop, I don't really worry too much about wasting a CDR...

Certainly less painful than fighting with a stuck CD because a burn went bad.

Of course, there are STILL *rare* times when visual inspection doesn't
catch it -- and I generally assume a software fault at that point,
particularly since in the past, it's been reproducible.  (cdrecord under
RedHat 9)

You can spend more on CDRs, and get better quality control, but I've found
I get better value with the cheapest CDRs and a visual inspection to toss
the obvious rejects.


PS  Anybody know a CDR manufacturer that wants to sponsor a live music
venue? :-)

Like Music?

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