Cardbus not working for 3com 656B netcard

Davon Shire davon at
Wed Sep 15 12:08:14 PDT 2004

Hello everyone,
  back in the days of my 3com CFM656B (That's not the exact model
number sorry but it's in my machine at home at the moment.) worked
beautifully. I had changed to the 5.1 branch of FreeBSD because finally I
could use something other than a ratty Linksys 10mbps pccard in my laptop.
  I cvsup'd religeously and the world built well (usually) and the kernels
kernelled and I was a righteous FreeBSD guru. But then.. 5.2.1 hit and my
3com netcard no longer functioned. I searched high and low for fixes,
answers cvsup every chance I had and never once did the card work again.
  Everything shows normal in the dmesg but the bus never resets and the system
can't get the station address. I checked interrupts and the card bus is
there sharing life with the pccard interface at irq 10.
  If I'm using 5.1 of the OS (which I reinstalled the other day because i'm
trying to get my new Linksys wifi card running) the 3com works and data
flows at a reasonable rate.
  Does anyone know of a fix for the cardbus since that's the only thing I can
find that seems like it's out of wack? same hardware works fine with 5.1 but
5.2> is toiletville.
  My 10mbps linksys card still works but it is a 16 bit pccard and nothing and
no cards that I have that are 32bit cardbus work at all.
  This is on a IBM Iseries thinkpad 1141. It's been my main work horse since I
bought it in 2000.
  Please help make a ratty old laptop useful again. I'll do what I can to
provide information to get this problem fixed. Since I see current is now
trying to breath life into FreeBSD-6.0 and I would hate to see this problem
  Thank you in advance for everything.


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