Adding A Hard Drive Using A PCI Controller

Rishi Chopra idfubar at
Tue Sep 14 13:11:18 PDT 2004

--- Nicholas Jackson <m8905186 at> wrote:

> It sounds like it might be an out-of-date firmware
> problem to me.
> Check the web sites for both the Promise controller
> and your motherboard 
> and make sure you have flashed your hardware with
> the most recent 
> updates if more recent ones are available.
> Those new, large IDE drives require 48 bit support
> in the controller
> and it probably wouldn't hurt to check that your
> computer's BIOS is as 
> recent as possible as well.
> Of course, it could be something else, (cables?) but
> I've had similar 
> problems that were cured instantly and painlessly by
> updated firmware.
> -Nick

All firmware is up-to-date and large drive support is
enabled on the controller (it works OK with win2k)...

Can someone suggest what the problem might be?  If the
drive loads in BIOS, DOS, and Win2k, why wouldn't the
drive be recognized by FreeBSD?

Rishi Chopra

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