kern.ipc.maxpipekva exceeded, error

Puna Tannehill puna at
Tue Sep 14 07:58:05 PDT 2004

On a freshly rebuild v5.3-BETA4...

A failed compile of sysutils/fastest_cvsup led me to run 'make clean' 
before trying again.  It took over 5 minutes to run make clean, and at 
the very end I got the following:

     # make clean
     kern.ipc.maxpipekva exceeded; see tuning(7)
     Pipe call failed: Too many open files in system
     Pipe call failed: Too many open files in system
     ===>  Cleaning for libtool-1.5.8
     ===>  Cleaning for perl-5.8.5
     ===>  Cleaning for fastest_cvsup-0.2.8

There is nothing specifically in tuning about this particular knob, 
but from poking around I get the feeling that it's about memory 
management of the kernel IPC subsystem.

Running 'sysctl kern.ipc.maxpipekva' shows:


Hunting around on in the archives, I came up with people getting this 
error while doing very intensive compiles.  Seems strange to me that I 
might get such an error on a 15min uptime, cold-booted machine and 
just doing a 'make clean'.  And thoughts?


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