Which Distro?

yuri van Overmeeren yuri.vanovermeeren at reston.demon.nl
Tue Sep 14 05:05:16 PDT 2004

> On Sep 13, 2004, at 11:27 PM, Viper wrote:
>> I am going to buy a Mac g4 soon, and I am thinking
>> about turning it into a server. I asked around and
>> everybody rocommended FreeBSD to me. So what distro of
>> FreeBSD would I use for a mac computer?
> As far as I know, there isn't a "freebsd" release for the PPC chip.  
> There is a version of NetBSD, though, and there's Darwin.
> Personally, I'd say stick with the OS X that comes with a new G4 
> system.  It *IS* Darwin underneath, much of it is *based* on FreeBSD, 
> and can make a decent server system (plus it would support OS X 
> programs as well as the UNIX programs).
> Are you going to use it exclusively as a server?  You could just put 
> Darwin on it if you really wanted to.  If you're going to have it play 
> double duty as a desktop system, keep OS X on it.  If you just want to 
> play with different OS's on it, try NetBSD.  If you really want to try 
> FreeBSD, get Virtual PC for the Mac and see if it will install FreeBSD 
> into a virtual machine :-)
> -Bart
There is a PPC FreeBSD version, but the 'latest' news on the site dates 
from over two years back, But I've just browsed the FreeBSD PPC mailing 
list and it's still active.

Judging by the topics they have not stopped working in the last two 
years and it seems to run now on PPC based computers. Probably not as 
good as on Tier 1 architectures, the PPC is currently a Tier 2 
architecture so some things might still be a little 'experimental' :)

Viper, If you still like to try FreeBSD I'd give the it a go on the PPC, 
see how it works out :)
If it's too much of an experiment and/or trouble you could try NetBSD.

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