Michael C. Shultz ringworm at inbox.lv
Mon Sep 13 22:56:23 PDT 2004

On Monday 13 September 2004 3:11 pm, A W wrote:
> hello i was wondering if u could answer the following questions
> 1) is it possible to have both freebsd 5.2.1 with KDE 3.1 and Windows 98 on
> the same Hard Disk. If yes how can i do this?
> 2) can i run .exe files with KDE 3.1 because when i launch a .exe file it
> asks me what to program to use to it open with.
> 3) im trying to run 256 color and 800x600 reolution hopefully 1024x780 as
> well. But everytime i configure th Xserver it always launch in 256 color
> 300x200. How can i fix this so that it will run the right resolution i want
> and the right color as well. And i have asked this question before but i
> just didn't quite understand the answers that came back.
> 4) Is it possible to run KDE in 16 bit color???? Because everytime i run it
> in 16 bit color it says there are no screens found.
> if you answer these questions can u please answer them clearly and explain
> the way i have to do the things thoroughly. Because i don't really like the
> fact that i get answer and i have no i idea how to do it or have no idea
> where to find it or what command i have to type, and have to reply just to
> ask how to.
I did this not too long ago for someone, here is how I finally got it to work:

First create a dos partition with fdisk from microsoft for windows, then an 
extended partion for FreeBSD.  First set up windows 98 then FreeBSD, if you  
do windows 98 second it will overwrite the boot sector during install.  After 
you have both booting get /usr/ports/sysutils/grub setup. This port will let 
you make an emergancy boot floppy that you can use when the scandisk utility 
microsoft provides over writes the boot sector, wich it will sooner or later.  
Then better and far easier option I have found is to keep windows 98 on a 
seperate drive, or even better still is to trash it (windows 98 is awfull!) 
and get something newer like windows xp (wich is still awful <sigh>, a 
security nightmare IMHO) but supposedly friendlier towards the boot sector.


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