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Mon Sep 13 17:15:44 PDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 22:11:29 +0000
"A W" <altonwong78 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> hello i was wondering if u could answer the following questions
> 1) is it possible to have both freebsd 5.2.1 with KDE 3.1 and
> Windows 98 on the same Hard Disk. If yes how can i do this?

This is dual booting. You need two partitions. One for windows the
other for freebsd.
> 2) can i run .exe files with KDE 3.1 because when i launch a .exe
> file it asks me what to program to use to it open with.

You will need either DOSbox, doscmb, qemu, bochs, vmware, or wine to
run either DOS or Windows programs.

With all of those you have either speed or compatibility to choose
from. Qemu, bochs,  DOSbox, and vmware will allow for good
compatibility, afaik, but will run slowly. Wine will run fast, but is
no where near as compatibly.

Not sure about doscmd, because I have never messed with it.
> 3) im trying to run 256 color and 800x600 reolution hopefully
> 1024x780 as well. But everytime i configure th Xserver it always
> launch in 256 color 300x200. How can i fix this so that it will run
> the right resolution i want and the right color as well. And i have
> asked this question before but i just didn't quite understand the
> answers that came back.
> 4) Is it possible to run KDE in 16 bit color???? Because everytime i
> run it in 16 bit color it says there are no screens found.

Check out xf86cfg -testmode( iirc XFree86 is the default in 5.2.1).
This will allow you to edit your resolutions, monitor, and depths
in the config after autodetecting it using X -configure. You may need
to edit it to change the default depth it uses. The X -configure will
drop a file into /root and you will then need to move it
/etc/X11/XF86Config. Xf86cfg -textmode will then take care of it

I would really suggest man X/Xorg/XFree86 for help. And possibly
xf86cfg too... and what ever else looks nice to read up on.

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