ncplib BSD 5.2.1-R - it crashes

DA Forsyth iwrTech at
Mon Sep 13 03:25:49 PDT 2004


I'm in the prcess of setting up a FreeBSD machine in order to replace 
an existing Novell 3.12 server.

I thought I could use 'ncplib' to connect to the Novell server and in 
this way transfer the data directly.

fat chance
I get a series of 'flag 12' kernel panics and it reboots itself.
this happens instantly when I try a 'ncplogin' but can also happen 

To get to this point I
compiled IPX into the kernel
setup /boot/loader.conf to load the if_ef, nfs, and ncp modules
put an infonfig line in /etc/rc.conf to setup the ipx protocol on the 
network card.

all that appear to be happy with life, unless I try to USE it. >-:

now, I thought I'd install the port (I was just using what installed 
when I installed FreebSD5.2.1-R fro CD last week) but none of the 
mirrors have the file ncplib-1.3.4.tar.gz

what now?

       DA Fo rsyth            Network Supervisor
Principal Technical Officer  -- Institute for Water Research

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