Problems with the ports collection

Travis Troyer troyertm at
Fri Sep 10 23:07:15 PDT 2004

I just installed FreeBSD from the 5.2.1 ISO.  After installing
the necessities, I downloaded the latest ports.tar.gz from, extracted the ports, and did a "make index" from
the ports directory.  At this point I did "make install" from
x11/kde3.  Since then I have installed firefox, gaim, and a
few other ports.  Then, I noticed that I didn't have kmail,
and found that it is part of the kdepim port, so I tried
installing it.  At some point it requires gpg-error.1, during
which I get:

===>   libgcrypt-1.2.0_1 depends on shared library:
gpg-error.1 - not found
===>    Verifying install for gpg-error.1 in
===>  Vulnerability check disabled
>> libgpg-error-1.0.tar.gz doesn't seem to exist in
>> Attempting to fetch from
Receiving libgpg-error-1.0.tar.gz (323724 bytes): 100%
323724 bytes transferred in 24.9 seconds (12.68 kBps)
===>  Extracting for libgpg-error-1.0
>> Checksum OK for libgpg-error-1.0.tar.gz.
===>  Patching for libgpg-error-1.0
===>   libgpg-error-1.0 depends on file:
/usr/local/bin/libtool15 - found
===>   libgpg-error-1.0 depends on shared library: intl - found
===>  Configuring for libgpg-error-1.0
cp: /usr/ports/security/libgpg-error/work/libgpg-error-1.0
No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

When installing other ports, I find that I get similar errors,
involving a "config.guess" file. 

Trying various things, I decided to run "portsdb -Uu", and got: 

portsdb -Uu
Updating the ports index ... Generating INDEX.tmp - please
wait..Warning: Duplicate INDEX entry: freeciv-gtk2-1.14.1
[Updating the portsdb <format:bdb1_btree> in /usr/ports ... -
11735 port entries found
[BUG] Bus Error
ruby 1.8.2 (2004-07-29) [i386-freebsd5]

Abort (core dumped)

At this point I am completely clueless as to what to try next.
 I can't seem to install any ports, and I don't know how to
get my ports collection back to a usable state, or what I did
to break it in the first place.  Of course, I will be happy to
provide any addition information.  I would appreciate any help
that may be offered.

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