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Bill Moran wmoran at
Fri Sep 10 11:28:25 PDT 2004

Sharon Winston <sharon_title1 at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I was hoping someone could help me. 
> I'm trying to use Nifty TelNet to change a password on
> our Web site (the password allows visitors to enter
> the "members only" section of the site.)
> Last year, I used the program to change the password,
> and it was no problem. This time, the commands look
> different and I'm having trouble. 
> I'm getting all the way down to htpasswd .htpasswd,
> then, I pick a code, and type in a new password. But,
> when I go to our Web site, the password is the same
> old one.

I would assume that you're posting your question here because your
hosting provider is using FreeBSD.

However, FreeBSD is simply the software used by your provider, and
is almost surely not associated with your hosting provider in any
way other than the fact that your hosting provider uses FreeBSD. As
a result, it's unlikely that anyone in the FreeBSD community will
be of much help to you.

I would suggest contacting your hosting provider's tech support
directly for assistance in this matter.

If I am wrong, and your problem _is_ with FreeBSD, can you please
provide more details about what you are trying to do, such as the
exact commands you are entering and the results you see.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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