Apache+mod_ssl + mod_php segfault

Subhro subhro.kar at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 19:49:40 PDT 2004

Did you use something non standard while compiling? Something like
including excessive optimizations like -O2 or -O3 in CFLAGS in your
Makefile or /etc/make.conf? If not, could I have the core?


On Thu, 9 Sep 2004 16:02:30 -0700, Vonleigh Simmons
<nospam at illusionart.com> wrote:
>        I sent this already but didn't get any replies. I'm a little desperate
> because I need to get this working, so if you can suggest anything at
> all, I'd really appreciate it. I'm running FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE, apache
> is apache13-modssl, php is the mod_php version. All latest versions
> (cvsup this morning).
>        The problem is that apache segfaults on startup when
> loadmodule/addmodule php are in the config file. Originally I fixed the
> problem by compiling apache without expat. However, after a portupgrade
> it stopped working again.
>        Right now it's working with a major kludge: start up apache with
> loadmodule/addmodule commented out, comment them back in and do an
> apachectl restart. Somehow this lets apache work without segfaulting.
> However, if I do an apachectl graceful/restart, then it segfaults again
> and won't start up.
>        I've tried recompiling apache, recompiling php, getting rid of php
> extensions, etc, all to no avail. There is nothing in the logs, it
> simply fails to start up. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.
> Vonleigh Simmons
> <http://illusionart.com/>
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