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Charles Ulrich charles at
Thu Sep 9 09:49:56 PDT 2004

Daren Russell said:
> Hi,
> I know this is slightly OT, but it is still using FBSD!
> I have a SMB share mounted, and can generally write to it.  I can copy
> files to it, delete them, use 'ee' to edit and save them.
> However, when using Vim, I can load and edit without warning, but if I
> try to save it I get "E212: Can't open file for writing"
> I can however create a new file on the share using Vim without problems,
> try to edit it and get the same problem.
> Whilst using Gentoo Linux, I did not have an issue with this (but that
> box has destroyed itself, hence the move to a FBSD box)
> Is this a known thing with Vim/SMB/FBSD?  Any ideas on something stupid
> I have overlooked?
> Thanks
> Daren


I recall running into this and other problems when I was using Samba 3.x on a
4.10 FreeBSD server and smbfs on a 5.2.1 FreeBSD client. In frustration, I
updated the server to 5.2.1 and downgraded Samba to 2.x and haven't had
problems since. I'd have a hard time believing that going to 5.2.1 on the
server side fixed the problem. Rather, I suspect that FreeBSD's smbfs has had
little attention lately and doesn't like the changes that have been made to
Samba since 2.x.

Alternatively, some of the recent patches to 5.2.1 may have had some positive
effect on the client's smbfs. Wish I could be more specific on all of this.

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Charles Ulrich
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