Vim on SMB share

Daren Russell darenr at
Thu Sep 9 08:54:55 PDT 2004


I know this is slightly OT, but it is still using FBSD!

I have a SMB share mounted, and can generally write to it.  I can copy 
files to it, delete them, use 'ee' to edit and save them.

However, when using Vim, I can load and edit without warning, but if I 
try to save it I get "E212: Can't open file for writing"

I can however create a new file on the share using Vim without problems, 
try to edit it and get the same problem.

Whilst using Gentoo Linux, I did not have an issue with this (but that 
box has destroyed itself, hence the move to a FBSD box)

Is this a known thing with Vim/SMB/FBSD?  Any ideas on something stupid 
I have overlooked?


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