Can't send to mailing list from server

Gene Bomgardner glbjr_01 at
Wed Sep 8 11:53:13 PDT 2004

>From: Remko Lodder <remko at>
>To: Gene Bomgardner <glbjr_01 at>
>CC: freebsd-questions at
>Subject: Re: Can't send to mailing list from server
>Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 19:02:33 +0200
>Gene Bomgardner wrote:
>>209.x.y.z is a static address with a DNS entry courtesy of my ISP.
>>Any idea what the list's mta is looking for and how I can provide it?
>Yes i have, i have the same issue, i have a static ip on my colocated 
>machine, but there is no reverse dns lookup configured yet. When FreeBSD 
>mailingservers cannot find a reversed lookup, it rejects your email until 
>it can (the mail gets killed after your timeout trigger has been reached).
>So please check whether your 209.?.?.? adres has a reversed lookup since 
>that might be the problem :)

Actually, the IPS's DNS entry is for reverse lookup. I suspect that the 
problem might be that a forward lookup returns a different IP address. That 
is: -->       While -->

Because the domain is redirected normally to domaindirect servers. I 
probably need to change the primary DNS entries, but I'm not certain yet.

GOD!!!! I hate the hoops we need to go through to avoid filthy spammers!!!!


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