headless install frozen.

oscar wicks oskr690 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 8 11:50:40 PDT 2004


using  a 4.10 release on my main machine, i was trying to make a FBSD  
headless install on a toshiba  T4600c, because it has  a minimalistic HD 
(200mb) and there is not any CDROM drive, just floppy drive,  20Mb ram, no 
LAN, no modem.

if i try  regular kern.flp and mfsroot.flp (no serial booting -h), toshiba  
loads fine sysinstall but without CDROM i can`t do  any more, unless serial 

and i can`t use keybord to send "enter key pressed"  to my laptop.
this  is  what im doing:

1.-made Boot Floppies using, to Boot into a Serial Console (both floppies 
made with dd command)
using this on kern.flp:

# echo "/boot/loader -h" > boot.config

2.-Connect Null Modem Cable between  first serial ports on both machines.

You now need to connect a null modem cable Just connect the cable to the 
serial ports of the 2 machines. A normal serial cable will not work here, 
you need a null modem cable because it has some of the wires inside crossed 

3.-Booting Up for the Install,
kern.flp floppy in the floppy drive of the machine  im doing the headless 
install on, and power on the machine.

4.-Connecting to my Headless Machine, using this command on my FBSD machine:

# cu -l /dev/cuaa0

That's it! i can see booting kern.flp on monitorYou  through my cu session. 
It ask me to put in the mfsroot.flp, and then...
                                 ...HERE IS  THE PROBLEM...
It supose to be like this:

<" it will come up with a selection of what kind of terminal to use. Select 
the FreeBSD color console and proceed with your install!">

-even not can press enter key for start reading second flppy (mfsroot.flp).
-keyboard not works as  expects, (not take  care of regular typing or arrow 
keys, space bar,     etc.)
-cu session continues as  usual no takes  care about booting  process.
- and  of course there isn`t any selection of any kind of terminal to use.

i know almost nothing about cu program, but  FreeBSD Handbook (2.12 Advanced 
Installation Guide)
explain very well howto.
                                 What am  missing?
or,  what is maybe misconfigured on my cu program machine?

any clues, you guys?

please RE:  to  this  address:

oskr690 at hotmail.com

thnks for  your  help,

oscar wicks

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