Retrieving audio from memory

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at
Wed Sep 8 03:35:21 PDT 2004

The file's data will be intact 'till kaboodle close(2)s the file. So
check which files kaboodle has opened with fstat -p pid_of_kaboodle.
The field SZ (size) will help you identify the file, and what you actually
need is the INUM (inode number) field. I guess then you can use fsdb
to try to recover the file, but bad things may happen...

from fsdb(8)
     Use this tool with extreme caution--you can damage an FFS file system
     beyond what fsck(8) can repair.

Of course you should first experiment with fsdb on a new just_for_testing 

Hope this helps, NikV

On Monday 06 September 2004 04:05, clayton rollins wrote:
> OK, funny one.
> I accidentally deleted a media file... However, I did have the file
> opened in kaboodle.
> The file appears to be intact in memory; I can listen to it from
> start to finish. Kaboodle, unfortunately, doesn't have any "save"
> feature, so that's out.
> I'm wondering if there is some way I could hack in and read
> the file out of memory. (I have root access, and am comfortable
> with reading directly from memory.)
> Lacking that, is there any tool that could capture the audio
> as it plays out the card?
> Though I worry about loss of audio quality, looping the
> sound card output back to an input might be a possibility.
> Anyone have ideas on that?
> TIA,
> Clayton
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