install qmail by using PORTS

kinux kinux at
Tue Sep 7 02:25:15 PDT 2004

Hmm, i know what you mean!  Checked Makefile, it seems these four patches
not included,
SIZE (qmail-1.03-starttls-smtp-auth.patch) = 41786
SIZE (qmail-ldap-1.03-20020901.patch.gz) = 130655
SIZE (qmail-mysql-1.1.8.patch) = 57702
SIZE (tls.patch) = 39095
SIZE (sendmail-flagf.patch) = 863

But if i want to added with these two patches, how can i add them during the
SIZE (qmail-1.03-starttls-smtp-auth.patch) = 41786
SIZE (tls.patch) = 39095


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> kinux wrote:
> > i always install qmail by source code compiled manually, this time, i
> > like to try to use ports install qmail, but there is a problem about the
> > included in ports and any patch will be installed automacticall/ by
> > i tried to read Makefile, not really sure, checked
> > /usr/ports/mail/qmail/distinfo with following patches will be fetched,
but all
> > of them will be installed? if not, how can i install them?? Thanks
> If you try type a make, the build process will tell you:
> "You may use the following build options:
> WITH_QMAILQUEUE_PATCH=yes       enable patch to qmail to run a QMAILQUEUE
>                                  program instead of bin/qmail-queue
> WITH_BIG_TODO_PATCH=yes         enable big_todo qmail patch
> WITH_BIG_CONCURRENCY_PATCH=yes  enable patch to qmail to
>                                  use a concurrency greater than 240
>                                  (default NUMBER=)
>                                  set this to a value reasonable for
>                                  your system if you use the patch
> WITH_OUTGOINGIP_PATCH=yes       enable patch to qmail to
>                                  allow setting the IP address
>                                  used by qmail when sending
>                                  outgoing messages
> WITH_PRESERVE_CONFIG_FILES=yes  do not run automatic config
>                                  to preserve your config files"
> I'm not sure whether that means all of these options default to being on,
> it's possible.  Otherwise, turn them on: "env WITH_QMAILQUEUE_PATH=yes
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> -Chuck
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