install qmail by using PORTS

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Mon Sep 6 11:07:55 PDT 2004

kinux wrote:
> i always install qmail by source code compiled manually, this time, i would
> like to try to use ports install qmail, but there is a problem about the patch
> included in ports and any patch will be installed automacticall/ by default.
> i tried to read Makefile, not really sure, checked
> /usr/ports/mail/qmail/distinfo with following patches will be fetched, but all
> of them will be installed? if not, how can i install them?? Thanks

If you try type a make, the build process will tell you:

"You may use the following build options:

WITH_QMAILQUEUE_PATCH=yes       enable patch to qmail to run a QMAILQUEUE
                                 program instead of bin/qmail-queue
WITH_BIG_TODO_PATCH=yes         enable big_todo qmail patch
WITH_BIG_CONCURRENCY_PATCH=yes  enable patch to qmail to
                                 use a concurrency greater than 240
                                 (default NUMBER=)
                                 set this to a value reasonable for
                                 your system if you use the patch
WITH_OUTGOINGIP_PATCH=yes       enable patch to qmail to
                                 allow setting the IP address
                                 used by qmail when sending
                                 outgoing messages
WITH_PRESERVE_CONFIG_FILES=yes  do not run automatic config
                                 to preserve your config files"

I'm not sure whether that means all of these options default to being on, but 
it's possible.  Otherwise, turn them on: "env WITH_QMAILQUEUE_PATH=yes make"


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