Support for the new multi-layer DVD burners?

Tom Parquette BCSFD204 at
Sun Sep 5 06:17:23 PDT 2004

I'm currently running 5-CURRENT but I'm heading for 5-STABLE.

I've noticed the new DVD burners that support "multi-layer" (at least 
that is what today's Best Buy ad calls them) DVDs.

Since it doubles the capacity, and my first application would be to back 
machines up, I've been watching the mailing lists since I first became 
aware of them.

I'm leaning towards a USB or Firewire connected external unit (again to 
move the device from machine to machine for backup) but I have not seen 
anything on FreeBSD support for the devices.  I searched the mailing 
list archives but could not find anything.

Can someone clue me in on these devices and FreeBSD support for both 
internal and external drives?


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