ISDN Jack Installation

Donald J. O'Neill donaldj1066 at
Sat Sep 4 15:33:28 PDT 2004

You don't want ISDN. A single ISDN line is only 64K and if you don't 
use a separate line for the ISDN, you interrupt your normal phone 
service. To get faster ISDN, you have to put in two lines at X$ per 
month. If you later switch to DSL and want to use your ISDN line(s) 
for that, you're still paying for an extra line (in my case I was 
paying for two ISDN lines). If you use DSL, you can use your 
regular phone line, have a full time connection and not disrupt 
your regular telephone, requires filters to be plugged in on all 
the regular phone jacks in use. Skip the ISDN and go straight for 
DSL. The other option is cable. Do not use satelite, you still have 
to use the phone line (read that as install another line or 
interrupt what you have) for uploading.

Don't do it.

Donald J. O'Neill
donaldj1066 at
On Saturday 04 September 2004 04:53 pm, Evan Sayer wrote:
> Hello-
> My new house is currently being built, and I am wondering if I
> should install an ISDN jack now so that the SBC people don't have
> to do it once the walls are up and I actually want an ISDN
> connection.  What do the people who install it have to do to get
> is upstairs when they install it, is it difficult?  How is an
> ISDN line added, and can I do it myself?  Thanks.


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