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ftp-master.FreeBSD.org is the master FTP server where all the other
mirror FreeBSD FTP servers get their content to update with. This
master site is only accusable by ftp mirror sites. 5.3 beta3 which
is week 3 of the 5.3 beta weekly testing releases is available at
most of the normal FreeBSD mirror sites.

I get my 5.3 weekly beta version .iso files from  ftp2.FreeBSD.org

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Hi All

I am a keen freeBSD user.

I love rebuilding the kernel / upgrading looking at
where its going next...

The concepts being released in 5.3 are great including
the windows drivers hooks...

I am keen to help out where I can.

How can I get access to ftp-master.FreeBSD.org to help
with testing?



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